Classifica delle Canzoni di Celine Dion

Puoi segnalare anche tu il titolo della tua canzone preferita di Celine Dion: queste informazioni ci permettono di creare la classifica di tutti i titoli delle canzoni famose di Celine Dion ordinate in base al numero di preferenze espresse dai fan.

Fai clic sui titoli evidenziati per leggere il testo delle canzoni, oppure trovi qui tutti i testi.

  1. My Heart Will Go On
  2. The Power Of Love
  3. A New Day Has Come
  4. Taking Chances
  5. Titanic
  6. I'm Your Lady
  7. All By Myself
  8. You've Got A Friend
  9. Parler à Mon Père
  10. Because You Loved Me
  11. I'm Alive
  12. That's The Way It Is
  13. Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore
  14. Adagio
  15. To Love You More
  16. I Surrender
  17. I Remember L.a.
  18. Loved Me Back To Life
  19. Blue Christmas
  20. Ave Maria
  21. It's All Coming Back To Me Now
  22. I Love You
  23. Tell Him
  24. Ammore Annascunnuto
  25. The Prayer
  26. I'm Your Angel
  27. Je Ne Vous Oublie Pas
  28. Goodbye's (the Saddest Word)
  29. Eyes On Me
  30. River Deep Mountain High
  31. Just Walk Away
  32. Memory
  33. Immortality
  34. Us
  35. Then You Look At Me
  36. I Knew I Loved You
  37. Have You Ever Been In Love
  38. Christmas Eve
  39. Dreaming Of You
  40. On Ne Change Pas
  41. Lolita (too Young To Love)
  42. You And I
  43. S'il Suffisait D'aimer
  44. Live For The One I Love
  45. Regarde-moi
  46. Another Year Has Gone By
  47. Alone
  48. Dance With My Father
  49. L'énigmatique
  50. I Drove All Night
  51. An Ocean Of Memories
  52. The Reason
  53. Naked
  54. Seduces Me
  55. The Power Of The Dream
  56. I Don't Know
  57. My Precious One
  58. A World To Believe In
  59. Fade Away
  60. Surprise Surprise
  61. I Want You To Need Me
  62. That's Just The Woman In Me
  63. Water From The Moon
  64. Beauty And The Beast
  65. I Believe In You
  66. One Heart
  67. Sous Le Vent
  68. If That's What It Takes
  69. If You Asked Me To
  70. All The Way
  71. Nothing Broken But My Heart
  72. New Day Has Come
  73. Je Ne Sais Pas
  74. Miracle
  75. Immensite

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