Love Chant

Testo dei Gentleman

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Chorus: Everything god a command Yes we a go do it you nuh see life sweet So we hafi love we hafi chant cleanheart a do it Righteosness we a go seek (repeat) God a want peace and love and unity Happiness is what jah jah want in the community I see dem a war but that aint nothing new to me I have god jah and there is nothing they can do to me Ill be true to you and you'll be true to me I give love to you and here is what you can do for me Love you neighbour too As it is said in duteronemy Love is what jah want and that's the way it gonna be Chorus (repeat): Jah nuh want fi see none a him children a struggle Jah nuh want fi se none a him children ina trouble Do good now and I say do it on the double Add a little senserity to the pot and make it bubble Pack up wickedness and put it one side The road of corruption nuff dem a ride Me see she dem run but me know dem can't hide From the eternal father who is always our guide Chorus (repeat)