Le Canzoni di Bryan Adams

Trovi i titoli di tutte le canzoni famose di Bryan Adams.
I brani sono stati classificati in base al numero di segnalazioni ricevute: dalla hit più amata a quella meno votata.

  1. Heaven
  2. (everything I Do) I Do It For You
  3. Please Forgive Me
  4. Run To You
  5. Summer Of '69
  6. Back To You
  7. Here I Am
  8. I'll Be Right Here Waiting For You
  9. Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?
  10. All For Love
  11. Everything I Do
  12. Something About Christmas Time
  13. Brand New Day
  14. Don't Even Try
  15. Go Down Rockin'
  16. How Do Ya Feel Tonight
  17. That's Rock And Roll
  18. Thunderbolt
  19. We Did It All
  20. Yesterday Was Just A Dream
  1. You Belong To Me
  2. Straight From The Heart
  3. Do I Have To Say The Words?
  4. When You Love Someone
  5. I Will Always Return
  6. On A Day Like Today
  7. Homeland
  8. I'm Ready
  9. Cuts Like A Knife
  10. I'll Always Be Right There
  11. She Know Me
  12. When You're Gone
  13. Can't Stop This Thing We Started
  14. Is Your Mama Gonna Miss Ya?
  15. Open Road
  16. Lonely Nights
  17. Io Vivo In Te
  18. Inside Out
  19. There Will Never Be Another Tonight
  20. Walk On By
  1. When The Night Comes
  2. Into The Fire
  3. Home Again
  4. Don't Give Up

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