Le Canzoni di Darren Hayes

Trovi i titoli di tutte le canzoni famose di Darren Hayes.
I brani sono stati classificati in base al numero di segnalazioni ricevute: dalla hit più amata a quella meno votata.

  1. So Beautiful
  2. Insatiable
  3. Unlovable
  4. Like It Or Not
  5. Void
  6. California
  7. Where You Want To Be
  8. I Miss You
  9. I Can't Ever Get Enough Of You
  10. I Knew I Loved You
  11. Truly Madly Deeply
  12. Two Beds And A Coffee Machine
  13. Affirmation
  14. Crush
  15. Crush And Burn
  16. Darkness
  17. Dublin Sky
  18. Good Enough
  19. I Like The Way
  20. Lost Without You
  21. Random Blinking Light
  22. So Bad
  23. A Conversation With God
  24. A Fear Of Falling Under
  25. A Hundred Challenging Things A Boy Can Do
  1. Bombs Up In My Face
  2. Break Me Shake Me
  3. Casey
  4. Crash And Burn
  5. Creepin' Up On You
  6. Ego
  7. How To Build A Time Machine
  8. I Don't Know You Anymore
  9. I Just Want You To Love Me
  10. I Want You
  11. Listen All You People
  12. Love And Attraction
  13. Lucky Town
  14. Maybe
  15. Me, Myself And I
  16. Neverland
  17. On The Verge Of Something Wonderful
  18. Santa Monica
  19. Sense Of Humor
  20. Setting Sun
  21. Sing To Me
  22. Something In The Sky
  23. Spin
  24. Step Into The Light
  25. The Future Holds A Lion's Heart

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