Le Canzoni dei Genesis

Trovi i titoli di tutte le canzoni famose dei Genesis.
I brani sono stati classificati in base al numero di segnalazioni ricevute: dalla hit più amata a quella meno votata.

  1. Firth Of Fifth
  2. Supper's Ready
  3. The Musical Box
  4. The Carpet Crawlers
  5. Time Table
  6. The Cinema Show
  7. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
  8. Ripples
  9. Many Too Many
  10. Mama
  11. Entangled
  12. In The Cage
  13. Follow You Follow Me
  14. Afterglow
  15. Abacab
  16. The Fountain Of Salmacis
  17. The Knife
  18. Can-utility And The Coastliners
  19. One For The Vine
  20. Stagnation
  21. The Colony Of Slippermen
  22. All In A Mouse's Night
  23. Blood On The Rooftops
  24. Eleventh Earl Of Mar
  25. It
  1. Land Of Confusion
  2. Los Endos
  3. Squonk
  4. The Lamia
  5. Domino
  6. Invisible Touch
  7. Mad Man Moon
  8. After The Ordeal
  9. Seven Stones
  10. Your Own Special Way
  11. Anyway
  12. Dance On A Volcano
  13. Duchess
  14. Duke's Travels
  15. Horizons
  16. No Son Of Mine
  17. Since I Lost You
  18. The Battle Of Epping Forest
  19. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
  20. The Return Of The Giant Hogweed
  21. Watcher Of The Skies
  22. White Mountain
  23. Behind The Lines
  24. Fly On A Windshield
  25. Get 'em Out By Friday

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