Le Canzoni di Marilyn Manson

Trovi i titoli di tutte le canzoni famose di Marilyn Manson.
I brani sono stati classificati in base al numero di segnalazioni ricevute: dalla hit più amata a quella meno votata.

  1. This Is The New Sh*t
  2. Personal Jesus
  3. Sweet Dreams
  4. The Beautiful People
  5. The Fight Song
  6. The Nobodies
  7. Antichrist Superstar
  8. Heart-shaped Glasses
  9. Coma White
  10. This Is Halloween
  11. No Reflection
  12. Saint
  13. Mobscene
  1. Tainted Love
  2. If I Was Your Vampire
  3. The Dope Show
  4. Eat Me, Drink Me
  5. Cruci-fiction In Space
  6. Irresponsible Hate Anthem
  7. The Last Day On Earth
  8. (s)aint
  9. The Love Song
  10. Man That You Fear
  11. Tourniquet
  12. The Death Song
  13. Great Big White World
  14. Lunchbox
  15. Rock Is Dead
  16. The Reflecting God
  17. Putting Holes In Happiness
  18. Disposable Teens
  19. 1996
  20. Organ Grinder
  21. Dope Hat
  22. Get Your Gunn
  23. Dogma
  24. Wrapped In Plastic
  25. Smells Like Children
  26. I Put A Spell On You
  27. Cake And S**omy
  28. Born Villain
  29. Slo-mo-tion
  30. Use Your Fist And Not Your Mouth
  31. Mechanical Animals
  32. Angel With The Scabbed Wings
  33. I Don't Like The Drugs (but The Drugs Like Me)
  34. Lamb Of God
  35. I Want To Kill You Like They Do In The Movies
  36. Running To The Edge Of The World

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