Testo di Ani Difranco

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Words and music by Ani DiFranco You broke me bodily The heart ain't the half of it And I'll never learn to laugh at it In my good natured way In fact I'm laughing less in general But I learned a lot at my own funeral And I knew you'd be the death of me So I guess that's the price I pay I'm trying to make new memories In cities where we fell in love My head just barely above The darkest water I've ever known You had me in that cage You had me jumpin through those hoops for you Still, I think I'd stoop for you Stoop for your eyes alone From that bomb shell moon in yet another lovely dress To the deep mahogany sheen of a roach I am trying to take an appreciative approach To life in your wake I focus on the quiet now And occasionally I'll fall asleep somehow And emptiness has its solace In that there's nothing left to take