Blind At Heart

Testo dei Dark Tranquillity

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I tell you here
of all the crimes and hours broken
what never came, will never be the same
I tell you this, I tell you what

the mind has been flooded
all the exits sealed
a poison set to enter
the unforgiving me

probes and infiltrators
infiltrate me

it's in these hours we forget ourselves
within a fire that consumes itself

no need for your defenses
my anger wall will hold
take your steady pride
in monotony and beat

invaders and corruptors
invade me

a supernova of flame and fire
this broken spirit, blind at heart

bite down hard on frustration
the siege that can't be broken
this hollow flame of fear
I tell you this, I tell you what

so close without connection
locked inside the sphere
I take the blame upon me
and scream at what I see