Rhythm Guitar

Testo degli Emmylou Harris

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(Emmylouy Harris Paul Kennerley)
She played around town 'til she opened the show
For a high-rollin' singer up from Tupelo
He saw her in the lights and he give her a hand
Next thing Sally knew she was one of the band

She said "don't give me nothin' that I can't use
I got the rhythm and I do don't need the blues
I don't wanna ride no shootin' star
Just wanna play on the rhythm guitar"

She was the sweetest thing that he ever had seen
And he'd had quite a few of them backstage queens
She was the pretiest thing that he ever had heard
Playin' rhythm guitar and singin' the third

Well Sally keeps her feet planted on the ground
She don't lose her head when the sun goes down
Everybody's out lookin' for romance
But Sally just wants to get the people to dance