Testo dei Fun Lovin' Criminals

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I see her out, yeah...
All over town
But I get no play
My man says 'you gotta be crazy'
I talk of things
That might be to her
In a voice that makes her pulse rush...
Yeah, I can tell.

Remose Namaremose
Watch her dance man,
You know you gotta be crazy.
Man, you gotta be crazy
I knowvio might role over you
So I gotta go slow.
Yeah I can tell...
He had her love,
But he had to leave it
I know of love man
And you just can't beat it.


Now I just know Baby.
I'm not bad to love,
So why the face girl?
Why the face girl...

You've gotta be crazy
You gotta be crazy
You got to be crazy
You gotta be crazy

Her she comes now,
You gotta watch her walk
Down that street,
Yeah, you gotta watch her walk
Down that street
Like she owns it, yeah
With a boom-boom
And a boom-boom
Just like she owns the motherf***r