super stylin

Testo dei Groove Armada

Qui di seguito puoi leggere il testo della canzone super stylin dei Groove Armada .

Enta in de dance, Plug it in an we begin Crowd up in de centa, Dey watch (be dibidim) Watch da way we drop it in a mix timin' Rise and amplifyin' when we come in wit de swing Just followin-da-back an natrally harmonizin' Climb into position wit synchronized thi-ngs Live from out da ghetto, We maximi-ing Sound-o-da Groove Armada, We Supastylin' We Supastylin'...[2x] [Chorus:] Sometime...Can you feel de pressure does unwind (sound wierd) Sometime... Sometime...Tru de day and tru de night Sometime... Sometime...You can make our pressure does unwind (this too) Sometime... Sometime...Its for your spirit and your mind Sometime... Das how we drop it (on de up on de line) One time lyrics that must stick on ya mi-ind Pop a bass line, I'll go (prop on propay) My MC supa, I'll go double on de right Go double on de right... [Chorus] From up da crater make da music play in time... (think i'm wrong with this one) Baby just recline... Worldwide... [repeat]