The Happy Song

Testo di Jojo

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[VERSE 1:] Nothin makes me more happy than to know That I have such a close friend To know that you're down for me is reassuring It's the reason I'm always smilin And when I'm kickin' it with you I have a lot fun with you Never any kind of pressure Comin' from you Trying to get me to do Anything I'm not ready to That's why I really like you [CHORUS:] Da da da da da Da da da da da Da da da da da You make me happy Da da da da da Da da da da da Da da da da da So very happy [VERSE 2:] I never get tired of talkin' on the phone with you For I was out of time And as time goes by we will come grown up and wise I hope we'll be just as tight And it was supposed to be Then we're gonna be No one can stop us; destined For you and me Who's to say that we Won't fall deep in love It's a very good chance because [CHORUS x2] [BRIDGE:] I might be young But I still know what it is (to be happy) I know what's in my heart I know what's on my mind And it's you all of the time [REPEAT CHORUS TO FADE]