Drive Me Crazy

Testo di Kevin Lyttle

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Na na na na na na na na, na na na na na na na na yeah

She's got the touch i love so much, but now im dissapointed (im surely God blessed) under her spell she had me crushed i sworn I was annointed ( caught in her magic) she had me drooling for a while (with her sexual motion) like taking candy from a child (im stuck on her love potion)i can't believe the changes she's made since i met my baby, you know

She drives me crazy (on and on) coz she is having my baby, she goes, (on and on)
oh no, she drives me crazy (on and on) and i thought she was a lady

Like a volcano she erupts blowing up my pager (every minute every hour)
Aint nothing sweet but dissrupts i chose the wrong flavor (this moment imma *savor*) never trust those pretty smiles (cause looks are deceiving)sexy walk my love profound (pretty girls are misleading)
Listen,learn don't judge a book by looking at the cover


On lord, my crib and my benz, my ....she thought to her it's all that matters(that's the *love* she wanted)
I said that l could never starve, l have been led by a player (and now we gonna flaunted)
Now i'm stuck with her for life ,(she's having my shorty)
She can never be my wife (cause it's my baby's mommy)
My homies tried to show me signs l was too corrupt to listen (mmmmmmm)