No Sensitive Healing

Testo dei Liquido

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We've only just begun to feel as one now, actions garunteed
and i know it's everytime the same
been spinning around, can't live without the sound of our raging hearts
and we know our posession is okay, it's okay
take it or not that's what you're saying
we've got a plan to erase our feelings
living on the edge and don't stop breathing
don't have the time for s-s-sensitive healing
we can get away from all these places we don't wanna be
take a ride and keep your head on straight
destination unknown, let's fuel the phoenix, moving on with you
don't you know it's everytime the same, it's everytime the same, it's okay
we have heard it all before, the morals come and go, it's about time to go
we don't have the time for sensitive healing