Remembering All So Clear

Testo di Madness

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The public footpaths were paved solid with
Speed traps,
During the fall of '81,
Hampstead heath with it's snow caps,
I remember it all so clear.

Conis caught in ice cake,
Donated with backache.
Everyone with objects looking dear,
A corrugated iron edge gets bent into a
Make-do sledge,
I recall this all so clear.

Pile down kite hill you go,
Toes of ice. fingers feel the snow.
Everyone and everything looks dear.
Rushing for the warmth of home,
Then slipping on your short cut home,
I remember it all so clear.

The heaviest fall since '62?
Enjoy this heaven sent gift whilst it's here.
And what a dodgie year that was,
Even the weather man was looking cold,
The unpredictable days had seen even the
Weatherman lose control.
And school boy snowball's school girl,
A short chase turns into a soft yell,
Remembering all so clear.

Odd gloves waving from railings.
The house dog is only playing,
With the unusual sight this year.
Bus conductor 'harry birch'
(on the 214 route from parliament hill to moorgate),
Collects the full pelt from the little gang of kids
That stand at his bus stop waiting for him to pull away.
He now stands on the top deck waving abuse at them,
He loves it really.

Lolly pop man gets his ears felt,
He's the mum's and school children's favourite teacher,
Everyone and everythings looking dear.
Then I'd check on granny wrights heating,
You know, see how she's been keeping.
What an unusual sight this was that year.