Testo di Mariah Carey

Qui di seguito puoi leggere il testo della canzone Supermodel di Mariah Carey .

You betta work.

You betta work! [cova gurl]
Work it gurl! [give a twirl]
Do your thing . . . On the runway.

Work! [superfly]
You betta work it gurl. [round tha world]
Wetcha lips and make love to the camera.

Work! [turn to the left]
Work! [now turn to the right]
Work! [sashe shante] x2

It don't matta whatchu wear.
No checkin' yaself in the mirror.
It don't matta whatchu do.
Everything looks good on you.

*techno voice [supermodel]


I see your future everywhere.
Million dolla deriaire.
And when you walk into the room . . .
You've got everybody's eyes' on you.

*techno voice [supermodel]

Linda [work mama]
Naomia [she is fierce]
Christi [foxy lady]
Cindy [I can feel it]
Claudia [serial girl]
Nicki [work the runway sweety]