The Absent Touch

Testo di Marianne Faithfull

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The cat sleeps in the red chair

My lover combs her jet black hair

Theres mystery in a way of walking

Its witching hour no need to talk

And there are diamonds in our bed

I put your hands about my head

My lover worships the sun

Her body is the amazon

My lover is of royal birth

My lover smells of the good earth

I give my love my life to wear

I taste my life in that black hair

At three oclock its time to say

Rest you love till break of day

Rest you love till break of day

Though I wont phone nor will I write

I wish you happiness tonight

I thank you for this witching hour

I give you love, I give you power

I run my fingers through your soul

I know my love you make me whole

Forgive me if I say too much

I am in love with absent touch