Next Lifetime

Testo di Michael Bolton

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(Michael Bolton/Liz Sharpe) Don't know why I never told you There was something in your eyes that took my breath away And every word I meant to say Now I know I'd give my soul to you Take you back in time and hold you Just for one more day, so I wouldn't have to hurt this way So I beg and plead, I'm on my knees Gonna show you how long I can wait I can't keep holding on if you're telling my heart it's too late Chorus: Next lifetime our love will be deeper And I'll hold you sweeter I won't waste so much time Next lifetime I'll find you sooner And I'll kiss you better I won't lose you next time Oh I will lay my heart on the line, next lifetime I don't know what I was thinking But giving you a part of me wasn't good enough Never gave you all my love I can't believe I was such a fool All I needed was to prove to you I could feel like this Could have said it all in our last kiss Oh I beg and plead, I'm on my knees I could never unmake my mistake I can keep holding on but if somebody's taking my place Chorus Never knew how long the nights could be Till you slipped right through my hands How do I make you believe that I deserve a second chance Take me back to the place where your heart was mine If I could take you back in time I will lay my heart on the line (x2)