You Deserve

Testo di Nina Sky

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[Verse 1] Knew tonight would be a rainy day When you barely smiled, then you walked away I could see the pain tears were from your eyes Wishing you happy days, but you?ll be alright [Chorus] You deserve so much more A lovely man to care for you You don?t have to hurt no more You need another man Who adores you Ain?t no change So don?t be scared to walk away [Verse 2] Never see you smile when he comes around Feeling fear inside and he scares you down Keeps sleeping with her but keeping you near Love you like a sister can?t you see what?s going on here [Chorus] [Verse 3] Sitting here with you on my mind Hoping you would see and take my advice He?s not for you, you need to let him go Love ain?t suppose to hurt I?m tired of seeing you cry [Hook] Don't wanna see you cry no more Just wanna see you strong I hope you take your things and go Listen to my song [Chorus (4x)]