Breeding Thorns

Testo dei Soilwork

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You have not seen the last of me
I'm breeding thorns
I'll follow your footsteps down below
I will crush all my instincts
and bring it home.

Does it appeal to you now?
cause it's part of the violation
so whenever it changed you
you won't be able to choose.

I will carry the message
It will swallow you whole

You ain't never gonna tell again
Cold as the thunder of the emptiness
It must've made you shout
whenever a promise taken again and again

Again and again

Now put your hair in motion
I won't shiver that time
I wanna see the closure
When your excess is in mine

I will bury the damage
I will drench the divines


Now I want you to tell me
(Tell me again)
Do you see what I've seen
Cause it's so damn obvious to me


(Whenever a promise taken...)

Won't you tell me that it's raw?


You ain't never gonna tell again.