More Than Life

Testo dei The New Story

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Can't you hear? My heart is talking But you don't care I lost my time Packing my bags to get out from your life Cause I'm sick of hearing stories like the ones you're telling now Sincerity is something I pretend when everything goes down Tell me where I've gone wrong You know that I'm not so strong Our memories now are killing me You meant to me more than life But now there is no one by my side I miss that feeling of being loved I feel like dying but I will go on Kisses don't mean that you are lovin? me A tear doesn't mean you?re really crying So I'm learning how to look you in the eyes While I'm saying that Untold Story is the song for us no more And I know you gonna hate me so I'm writing these lines down Well now you've got the chance to stop me You wouldn't get that far Cause maybe we were not so tight We didn't go that far...